COD MW3 Guide: How to Unlock High Contrast Camo?

COD MW3 Guide: How to Unlock High Contrast Camo?

COD MW3 offers players a variety of weapon camo to customize their weapons, adding a personal touch to their multiplayer experience. One of the sought-after camos is the High Contrast camo. Unlocking this camo involves completing specific in-game challenges, which can be a fun and rewarding process for players. This guide below will give you a detailed guide on how to unlock High Contrast Camo in COD MW3, including all the associated challenges.

What is High Contrast Camo in MW3?

The High Contrast camo in COD MW3 is a weapon camouflage that players can unlock and apply to their weapons. It is part of a set of camos that players can earn by completing specific in-game challenges associated with each weapon. These challenges typically involve tasks such as reaching a certain number of kills or completing objectives under specific conditions. You can also unlock this camo more easily through the mw3 camo boosting provided by U4GM. Once the challenges are completed, players can apply the High Contrast camo to their chosen weapon, allowing them to customize its appearance.

High Contrast Camo: Inkblot

All High Contrast Camo Challenges

Camo Weapon Level Requirement Challenge
B&W Fuzz Pulemyot 762 28 10 double kills (Zombies)
B&W Re-Fuzz DG-58 LSW 29 10 double kills (Zombies)
Black Satin BAS-B 29 20 consecutive kills 10x without damage (Zombies)
Blood Gutter XRK Stalker 2 250 kills (Zombies)
Blue Satin MTZ-762 23 15 headshot kills
Blurred Myopia Pulemyot 762 28 5 Mimic kills (Zombies)
Dark Vision Karambit 4 50 kills
Dazed Holger 26 20 10 disciple kills (Zombies)
Deformed Stormender 4 250 kills (Zombies)
Green Satin Sidewinder 28 250 Point Blank Kills (Zombies)
Inkblot Haymaker 22 10 kills in 5 seconds 10x (Zombies)
Light Vision TAQ Eradicator 9 10 Penetration kills
Orange Satin MTZ-762 23 100 kills shortly after using a Field Upgrade (Zombies)
Purple Satin Sidewinder 28 15 headshot kills
Ripped Karambit 4 250 kills (Zombies)
Royale Swirl TYR 2 250 kills (Zombies)
Satin Swirl TYR 2 50 kills (Zombies)
Smooth Satin Haymaker 22 15 double kills
Spectral Overload Stormender 4 Destroy 25 enemy equipment
Spectral Sight DG-58 LSW 29 200 Critical Kills (Zombies)
Sprayed Lines XRK Stalker 2 50 operator kills
Unknown Visitor TAQ Eradicator 9 10 mangler kills (Zombies)
Warbled Holger 26 20 10 double kills
White Satin BAS-B 29 15 headshot kills

Steps to Unlock High Contrast Camo

The High Contrast camo is part of a set of weapon camos that players can unlock by completing various challenges associated with each weapon. Here's how you can unlock the High Contrast camo in MW3:

  1. Select Your Weapon: The first step is to choose the weapon you want to apply the High Contrast camo to. Each weapon has its own set of challenges that must be completed to unlock camos.
  2. Complete Weapon Challenges: To unlock the High Contrast camo, you must complete specific challenges for your chosen weapon. These challenges can vary but often involve reaching a certain number of kills or completing tasks under specific conditions.
  3. Check Progress: You can track your progress towards unlocking the camo in the weapon camo section of the game. This will show you how close you are to completing the necessary challenges.
  4. Apply the Camo: Once you have completed the challenges, the High Contrast camo will be unlocked, and you can apply it to your weapon through the customization menu.

Tips for Completing Challenges

  • Stay Consistent: Focus on using the same weapon throughout your matches to progress through the challenges more quickly.
  • Play Strategically: Pay attention to the specific requirements of each challenge and adapt your playstyle accordingly. For example, if you need to get kills while aiming down sights (ADS), make sure to engage enemies in situations where ADS is advantageous.
  • Utilize the Gunsmith: Customize your weapon with attachments that complement your playstyle and help you complete the challenges more efficiently.

By following these steps and tips, players can unlock the High Contrast camo in COD MW3 and enjoy a more personalized gaming experience. Remember to stay patient and persistent, as some challenges may take time to complete.

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